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ISF Filing Instructions

1. Go to the Online ISF Form and to enter your contact information. 

2. Next upload a copy of the Invoice, ISF Info Sheet and /or Bill of Lading from your seller.

3. Complete payment for the ISF Filing. 

4. Fill out our agent Power of Attorney Form and to provide proofs of ID. 

5. Upon completion of the 4 steps above on our Online ISF Form, the completed ISF will be emailed to you from one of our import agents within 4-6 hours.

Documents your Seller Needs to provide to you to file the ISF

1. ISF Information Sheet or Bill of Lading

2. Proforma or Commercial Invoice 


Proof's of ID Required the Importer (You) are required to provide as per U.S Customs

3. Drivers License or State ID  

4. Proof of Social Security or EIN Number (see below)

Individuals: Provide Social Security Card, W2 or Tax Return

Corporation: Provide either IRS EIN Number Confirmation Letter, Business Tax Return, or Federal Issued Document Indicating EIN and Business Name  

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