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Customs Clearance

Customs clearance for ocean shipments is required for the customs release of your goods upon the arrival to the port. This involves the filing of the 3461 entry and 7501 entry summary documents to U.S. Customs to obtain the customs release which is required by the port terminal or cfs warehouse in order to release the goods for pick up.


The clearance entry can be started within 5 days of arrival to the U.S Port. The broker agent who has filed your ISF will guide you through the clearance process and to review your shipment for any additional documents or information needed to complete the clearnace entry with U.S. Customs for the release of your cargo. All related customs clearance fees and import duty will be provided to you for review before payment. 

Upon customs release of the goods, depending on the type of shipment you have. The goods can be picked up at the designated freight warehouse or port terminal which we will provide you the pick up documents after the customs release. 

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