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RocketISF ISF Filing Online
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Importer Security Filing for your Imports
ISF Filing Services for:
  • LCL & FCL Containerized Cargo                 
  • Japan Car Imports into the U.S.                             
  • Importations from China to USA                  
We also specialize in ISF Filing for:
  • Alibaba shipments               
  • No extra costs for late shipments                               
  • New Importers - Free new importer registration with CBP

RocketISF Filing Services 

RocketISF simplifies the ISF Filing process for your imported goods so that you can stay in compliance with U.S. Customs to get your ISF filed online quickly so you would not be at risk of late fees or penalty. Use our online ISF form as soon as your seller or shipper provides you with the shipping information and documents. For new importers, visit the ISF Filing instructions page to learn more on how to file the ISF and what documents are needed.

When to File

U.S. Customs requires the Importer Security Filing to be completed 24 hours before the overseas loading of the vessel to prescreen all goods in advance before arrival to the United States. Late ISF's are still required in order for Customs to be aware of the goods that is entering the United States. It is recommended for importers to get this completed at least 2-3 days before departure of the vessel.

About the Importer Security Filing

The Importer Security Filing (ISF) online process involves submitting required information to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at least 24 hours prior to the cargo being loaded on an ocean vessel destined for the United States. The ISF filing is required to enhance security and ensure compliance with CBP regulations. The importer of record or their customs broker must file the ISF, including key data elements such as the bill of lading number and the vessel stow plan. An ISF bond is often needed to guarantee compliance with filing requirements. There are different types of ISF filings depending on the nature of the shipment. Accurate and timely submission of the ISF, including all required information, is crucial to avoid penalties and delays. The ISF must be filed 24 hours before the cargo is loaded, ensuring CBP has the necessary data elements to assess and manage risks associated with the incoming shipment.

Over the years, the ISF (Importer Security Filing) has undergone significant changes since its establishment in 2009. It is essential to familiarize yourself with the following important updates:

1. Leniency Method: The previous leniency method of 'three strikes and you're out' has been abolished. Now, ISF filings that go beyond the allotted time will incur fines. In other words, there is no longer a grace period for late filings.

2. Increased Inspections: Cargo may now be detained for inspection by the CBP (Customs and Border Protection). This means that shipments may be subject to thorough examinations to ensure compliance with ISF requirements.

3. Fines for Infractions: If any ISF infractions are identified by the CBP, citations will be issued and can result in fines. It is important to ensure accurate and complete ISF filings to avoid penalties.

These changes reflect the evolving nature of the
ISF program, emphasizing the importance of timely and accurate filings to maintain compliance and avoid any financial repercussions.

Who bears the responsibility for submitting an Importer Security Filing (ISF)?

The party designated as the 'ISF Importer' by CBP is accountable for ISF submission. This role is typically held by the owner, purchaser, or consignee of the goods. Any U.S. citizen with a legal U.S. address has the option to personally submit an ISF. Alternatively, engaging a customs broker is a viable option. Customs brokers possess comprehensive knowledge of the import process and can assist in accurately completing and submitting the ISF form on your behalf.


Is a Power of Attorney (POA) necessary for filing an Importer Security Filing (ISF)?

A Power of Attorney (POA) is mandatory when a customs broker is handling the ISF submission for an importer. If the importer has already granted a POA to the broker, CBP does not necessitate a new or specialized POA for ISF submission.

It is crucial to recognize that, as the importer, you bear the responsibility for ensuring accurate and timely filing of your documentation. Any potential penalties imposed will be your responsibility, regardless of whether someone else completes the ISF on your behalf.

Collaborating with a CBP-licensed customs broker is essential for the assurance that your ISF and other import documents will be submitted accurately and punctually, providing you with peace of mind.

How do I get started?

  1. Visit the RocketISF Website:

    • Go to the RocketISF website and to the Online ISF Form section on getting started or creating an account.

  2. Enter your Importer information:

    • Provide your importer identity contact name, address, phone number and Tax ID Number. For business importer the Tax ID will be the EIN Number, for Individuals the Social Security Number will servce as the Tax ID. For more detailed information about the required document proof for company or individual, please visit our "ISF Filing Instructions" page. 

  3. Upload Shipment Documents :

    • Upload the necessary documents, such as the ISF Info Sheet, Bill of Lading, commercial invoice, and other shipment-related documents. For car imports the bill of lading alone would be sufficient to file the ISF. 

  4. Form Submission:

    • Follow the prompts on the RocketISF platform to submit your ISF filing. Review all the information to ensure accuracy before submission.

  5. Payment:

    • Payments can be made at the end of the form in which you can pay by credit card. 

Secure Your Imports with Confidence Using RocketISF

At RocketISF, we recognize the vital role of ISF filing in ensuring the proper execution of your imports. This entails guaranteeing the accuracy and completeness of all documentation, timely submission, and providing you with the assurance that your imports will proceed without any fines or delays.


An Importer Security Filing (ISF) submission constitutes a minor aspect of the overall import process; however, its significance is paramount. Do not leave this crucial step to uncertainty. Collaborate with a Customs and Border Protection (CBP)-licensed customs broker to ensure its accurate and proper handling.

ISF Filing Online
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